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Unemployment Insurance Tax
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General Unemployment Insurance Tax Information

All employers who are subject to Iowa’s Unemployment Insurance Law are required to submit the quarterly Employer’s Contribution & Payroll Report and to pay contributions due. For more information about Iowa’s Unemployment Insurance laws, download the Unemployment Insurance Handbook for Employers

2015 Public Information

My Iowa UI Online Tax System

The My Iowa UI Online Tax system allows employers, doing business in the State of Iowa, to set up and manage their Unemployment Insurance Tax Account.  Employers will electronically file the quarterly Employer’s Contribution & Payroll Report and pay Unemployment Insurance Contributions online. My Iowa UI also allows 3rd party filers (Agents) to manage an employer’s unemployment tax account with proper authorization. 

My Iowa UI Instructional Videos

My Iowa UI Instructional PDF (Paper) version available for download:

How to file a Quarterly Report:

File your quarterly report online at www.myiowaui.org.

1. Submit wage detail by the following methods:

2. Make a payment by the following methods:

If you have any questions regarding My Iowa UI, please contact My Iowa UI Customer Service team at (888) 848-7442, or by e-mail to iwduitax@iwd.iowa.gov.

Representatives are available from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

For detailed information about the system, view the My Iowa UI Overview.

For general UI Tax questions call (888) 848-7442 option 3 then option 7.


  • The 2013 Taxable Wage Base is $26,000.

  • The 2012 Taxable Wage Base is $25,300.

  •  For information on filing the Multiple Worksite Report online, contact (800) 532-1249 or  (515) 281-8185.


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Contact Information

General UI Tax
Call: (888) 848-7442 option 3 then option 7

My Iowa UI
Call: (888) 848-7442 option 3 then option 7 or e-mail iwduitax@iwd.iowa.gov.

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Multiple Worksite Report
Call: (515) 281-8185 or toll free (800) 532-1249

Benefit Charges
You can obtain information about a Statement of Charges
or file an appeal by email. 

If the last two digits of your Iowa Unemployment Tax Account number are: 
01 through 50, email:

If the last two digits of your Iowa Unemployment Tax Account number are: 
51 through 00, email:

Correspondence can be mailed to: 

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Des Moines, IA 50306-0332
FAX: (515) 242-0494