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Joseph S. Cortese II Workers' Compensation Commissioner 

The Workers’ Compensation Act is a part of the Iowa Code designed to provide certain benefits to employees who receive injury (85), occupational disease (85A) or occupational hearing loss (85B) arising out of and during the course of their employment. Benefits are payable regardless of fault and are the exclusive remedy of the employee against the employer.

This site has been prepared to answer commonly asked questions about workers’ compensation and to provide the Iowa workers’ compensation community with the information and services they require. This Web site is a compilation of general information. Opinions or conclusions expressed or implied in this guide are not a final determination of this division. Reference numbers throughout are references to the Iowa Code unless otherwise indicated. For more information, you may contact the Iowa Division of Workers’ Compensation office.  


The Iowa Division of Workers’ Compensation has agreed to participate with the Work Comp Research Institute (“WCRI”) in a multi-state study of outcomes in workers’ compensation systems.  As an injured worker involved with the Iowa Division of Workers’ Compensation you may soon receive correspondence from WCRI or its research partner requesting your participation.  The following letter should be provided to you prior to participation by telephone:  WCRI letter to injured Iowans  (9-24-13)

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Perfect System

The anticipated start date has been, unfortunately, again delayed.  To avoid further inconvenience to all who will use the PERFECT System it has been decided that we will not provide a specific start date for the new system.  Rather, we will provide notice 60 DAYS prior to the start of the system.  Once the 60 day notice is provided all users will be offered free online training as a refresher course for the training already provided.  In addition, training will be provided for external claims examiners.

The Division is sorry for the further delay and any inconvenience that has resulted from the delay. Once the migration is completed we will move onto testing of the application with migrated data.  Once testing is completed the 60 day notice will be provided. 

Please continue to check back periodically for additional updates. 

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